Last week, the First Minister, Mark Drakeford stated that a planned new route around the M4 motorway near Newport would not go ahead. The Welsh Assembly has pledged to do all it can to lessen the damage to the environment.

Also in the news last week was Mr Trump, the President of the USA's visit to London. Mr Trump denies that our climate is changing, although scientists warn of the dangers and the need to act now. However, Mr Trump has taken the USA out of the Paris International Agreement, which was set up in order to look for answers to climate change.

Greta the Great!

16 year old Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg has vowed to do all she can to change the harm done to our planet due to climate change. Greta has travelled widely protesting about the damage and the possible effects of climate change on young people and their future.

What is climate change?
Scientists warn that Earth is getting warmer because of our use of gases. The Earth is getting warmer and the climate is changing resulting in more extreme weather.


What's your opinion? Do we in Wales have the best flag in the world? In a recent on-line survey, the Red Dragon was voted the coolest flag of all the nations of the world. Most flags have shapes on them, some with colourful stripes or symmetrical shapes. The Welsh flag has the iconic Welsh dragon which makes our flag quite unique. Another nation that has a

dragon on its flag is Bhutan. Can you find another country with a dragon on its flag?

Did you Know?
Although The Welsh Dragon has featured on flags in Wales for centuries, it was only granted official status in 1959.


It was a disappointing week for Wales after losing two of their Euro Qualifying Games. Wales returned home, without securing points after their defeat of 2-1 to Croatia, and 1-0 to Hungary. Many chances were lost in Budapest on Tuesday June 11, not least the chance of an easy goal by Gareth Bale in front of the Hungarian goal. However all is not lost, Wales will play Azerbaijan in September. All eyes are now on Gareth Bale and his future with Real Madrid, with many experts saying that Bale has lost confidence because he is often on the bench, rather than on the pitch.



Diabetes Week

Recycling Awareness Week by Planet Ark

Anne Frank’s Diary

On June 12th 1929 a young girl called Anne Frank was given a diary as her 13th birthday present. Little did she know that this diary would be read by millions and would become famous throughout the world.
For more information about Anne Frank read the ‘Time Travelling’ article on page 7.

Father’s Day

Refugee Week

This year’s theme: You, me and those who came before. On page 6 ‘You’re a Star’ you can hear the story of a refugee who has come to Wales.

Establish the Police Force

On June 19th 1829 a law was passed by Sir Robert Peel, who was a Home Secretary at the time, to establish the first police force in London. Soon there would be more police enforcing the law in the rest of England and Wales. These first police were nicknamed ‘Bobbies’ after Robert Peel and even today some people still call the police ‘Bobbies’.

Summer Solstice or Midsummer’s Day.

This is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky during the year. This is also the longest day of the year. There are two solstices during the year, one in June and one in December (the shortest day). The exact time of this year’s solstice is: Friday 21st of June at 16.54

This year’s National Eisteddfod will be held in Llanrwst, Conwy

Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)

Author JK Rowling (1965)

Fantastic Facts:

The months July and August are both named after Roman Emperors, Julius Caesar and Augustus.



SigiTwo had heard the rumours, they scared her, and the rumours made her clamber into her den and stay there for hours. SigiTwo wondered if she could hide there in her den when the danger came. Perhaps everything would be fine if she and SigiOne sheltered there, until everything was over. But when she mentioned her plan to SigiOne, all she did was sigh, a small, hushed sigh.
'No, SigiTwo, we can't stay on planet Thrae, it won't be safe here,' she said, taking SigiTwo in

her arms. 'Everything will turn to ashes, there won't be any clean water and anyway, all our friends will have to leave too.' They clung to each other. SigiOne held her in her strong arms, as she always did whenever SigiTwo was hurt or sad. But this time, they both knew that SigiOne's arms could not keep her safe, nor could she keep the danger away. 'Come on, we'll pack', SigiOne said, 'what will you take with you? We can only take a few belongings; there won't be room or everything on the Shiny

SigiTwo went into her den; she looked at all her favourite things - the mobile communicator, the reading tablet, and the story screen - all her useful gadgets. She had to choose. SigiTwo curled up on her bed, clutching Smiley, her pet robot.
'You must be very brave Smiley,' she said, 'we're going on an exciting journey.' She didn't want to alarm Smiley but she didn't know if her pet robot would be welcome on the Shiny Planet. SigiTwo wasn't at all sure if she and SigiOne would be welcome there either. Sometimes, when she watched the news on her story screen, she would see the inhabitants of the Shiny Planet waving large placards with angry words on them. 'NO WELCOME HERE' screamed the placards. SigiTwo shut her eyes hoping the words would disappear,

tears stinging. O! How she wished they didn't have to leave Thrae, but with the Hot Star rushing towards their planet there was no alternative, they had to pack up and leave. Tomorrow would bring a new life, a new adventure...

You will need:

  • 1 banana
  • Around 10 strawberries (washed
    and without their stalks)
  • Some milk or natural yogurt
  • Empty yogurt pots
  • Lolly sticks
  • Blender or Food Processor


You can’t beat a cool ice lolly when the weather gets hot. These lollies are much healthier than many supermarket lollies because they’re full of vitamins from the fruit and have no added sugar



The winner of this year’s Tir na n-Og Prize is The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher. This prize is awarded by the Welsh Books Council for books with authentic Welsh backgrounds and was announced in a special ceremony in Cardiff this month.

Catherine Fisher is a poet and author who lives in Newport. She has won the Tir na n-Og prize before in 1995 for her novel ‘The Candleman’ and has won many prizes and praise for her books including the Blue Peter Book Prize shortlist for ‘The Clockwork Crow’. ‘The Clockwork Crow’ is a gripping and magical story set in icy Plas y Fran in mid-Wales. Orphan Seren Rhys is sent to live with her Godfather after living for 12 years in an orphanage but she is given a mysterious package to look after by a stranger.

She faces many riddles and challenges and strange goings on during the course of the novel. According to Sioned Jacques, Chairman of the Tir na n-Og panel, this novel was
“imaginative, descriptive and magical”. Catherine has now completed the sequel to ‘The Clockwork Crow’ called ‘The Velvet Fox’ and it will be published in October.
If any Clic-it Cymru readers have read ‘The Clockwork Crow’ we would be interested to know your opinion, so please get in touch!

Winner of the Tir na n-Og Prize in the Welsh Primary category

was ‘Cymru ar y Map’ (also available in English as ‘Wales on the Map’) written by Elin Meek and illustrated by Valériane Leblond.

Here is what Joseph, a Clic-it Cymru reader, had to say about it:

Name: Meilir Rhys Williams

Job: Actor


Currently I play a character in the S4C soap, Rownd a Rownd, which is filmed in Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge), Anglesey.

Describe your work day:

Arrive at location for 8.00 a.m. before putting on my character costume. The make-up artist will then get to work on my face so that I don't seem too pale or too shiny on screen! At 9.00 a.m. we start filming the scenes. We usually manage 8 scenes; it takes roughly 3 days to record one 19 minute episode of Rownd a Rownd!

Best things:

Acting out scenes which would not happen to me as Meilir. Having to have an argument as Rhys, my character, and doing stunts are also exciting and a lot of fun.

Not so good:

I love being part of the cast of Rownd a Rownd. However

sometimes an actor's job can be tough as the performing industry is very competitive, and work can be difficult to find.

Why did you go into acting?

I enjoyed performing when at school and went to performing clubs in my spare time. I couldn't imagine myself doing any other profession - it had to be performing!


Take advantage of all opportunities to perform. Competitions such as the Urdd Eisteddfod are great at giving young performers the opportunity to learn so many performing skills. They also give a taste of what it's like to be on stage and perform to live audiences.

I would also advice young performers to go on to train at performing college so that all the skills and techniques that actors and performers need are established.


What’s your opinion?

Sometimes events such as war, famine or natural tragedies occur in countries or areas of the world which make it impossible for people to stay there. The inhabitants are forced to flee and often look for new homes or countries. Discuss:

  • Is Wales a welcoming country?



Recycling paper can save our planet by:

  • saving the need to cut down trees
  • saving water in new paper production
  • saving energy in newpaper production.
Paper recycling is easy! Better still, don't waste paper! Follow Aunty Dot's advice:

Answer to the bin bag puzzle: 7 large bin bags, 49 medium bags, 343 large bags: a total of 399 bin bags.
Answer to the migration puzzle: The birds take around 45 days to complete their journey (1 month 15 days). March (3rd month of the year). Number of miles travelled by the ospreys is 4,200. Number of kilometres travelled by the salmon is 6,000 miles (9656 km). Number of miles travelled up-river by the salmon is 200.


Migration is the regular movement of birds and wildlife from one part of the world to another and back again. The distances of travel and dangers faced by many birds and animals make this a truly miraculous wonder of nature.

Let’s look at some marvellous migrations happening in Wales....

Numbers of Ospreys in Wales are increasing thanks to conservation projects such as the Glaslyn site, near Porthmadog and the Dyfi site in mid-Wales. Ospreys spend winters in Africa and summers here, nesting in sites near lakes or rivers to ensure a good supply of fish. All ospreys travel alone, covering distances of around 6,700 km (4,200 miles) over the English Channel, through France and Spain into North Africa.

Some then cross the Sahara Desert, while others follow the West African coastline. They complete their journeys in around 45 days, sometimes stopping off for a few days rest during their travel. Although travelling alone and over different routes, the male and female can arrive at their destination within days of each other. To learn more about Ospreys you can follow this link:

Visit the River Marteg, near Gilfach, in Powys at the end of Autumn and you may be lucky enough to see another miraculous migrator. This is when the great Atlantic salmon run takes place, when salmon return to rivers that they were born in after spending a few years maturing in the north Atlantic. Salmon live in fresh water when young, but then migrate to the Atlantic Ocean as adults. They then return to the same river that they were born

in when they’re ready to spawn, sometimes travelling distances of 6,000 miles over sea and a further 200 miles along a river to find their own spawning area. Experts believe that they use olfactory senses to find their way to the place where they were born. After arriving in fresh water they stop eating for a year or more, living off their body fat, before returning to the ocean and beginning to feed again.

growing-up, getting older
lay eggs and have babies

Other marvellous migrators are swifts, swallows, cuckoos, butterflies, sharks and whales. Why not do some of your own research into these species?

Name / Age
Twafeeq Hamayun, 13 oed


Twafeeq joined John Frost High School in September 2018 and even though English is not his first language, he has been doing very well at school and getting full marks in science and maths.

Tell us about yourself
I am a refugee and I came to the UK from Afghanistan in June last year with my younger brother and sister, when we moved to Newport. I really like living in Wales. I’ve been to a lot of places in Wales so far,

including Cardiff Bay, Barry Island, Swansea, Neath and Caswell Bay beach. There are lots of hills, trees, and green spaces. I want to see more places this summer! The people here are really nice and we have made some good friends. In my spare time I do homework, and going swimming in the Newport sports centre. I play football twice a week at school and have learned about rugby. One day I want to play rugby for Wales! I can speak Farsi, Pashto, English and now I can speak some Welsh.

Who inspires you?
My dad inspires me. He encourages me to work hard at

school because he believes that I can get into a good university and have a career in medicine.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I want to go on to do A-Levels and then apply to study medicine at Oxford or Cambridge University. I want to become a doctor and work in a hospital in the UK. Clic it Cymru wishes you all the best Twafeeq!






Ann Frank would have been 90 years old on 12th June.

People over the years have had to flee their homes or go into hiding because of danger. During the Second World War, many European countries fell into the control of the Nazis. The Nazis persecuted and imprisoned people unfairly. Millions of Jewish people were persecuted by the Nazis. Anne Frank was a Jewish child and was imprisoned by the Nazis. This is her story -

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1929. She was born to a Jewish family. Anne died in a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Although Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany, she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, with her family

- Edith, mother, Otto, father and Margo, sister. Her father started a business there selling herbs and spices. Anne settled well in her new home, she learned Dutch and was a popular pupil at school.

However, threatening clouds descended over Europe. In 1939, Nazi Germany occupied Poland, prompting the Second World War. In May 1940, the Netherlands was also occupied. The Nazis passed laws that restricted the way the Jews lived. Laws such as:

  • no Jews were allowed to visit the parks or cinemas
  • Jews were forbidden from going into certain shops
  • Jewish children could only go to special schools with other Jewish children, they were not allowed to choose
  • Jews were forbidden to own or run businesses
  • Jews had to display a star symbol on the sleeves of their clothes, so that they could be quickly recognized.

Because of these rules, things became very difficult for Anne's family. By 1942, the family was in grave danger; they feared that they would be sent to a labour camp in Germany. They decided to go into hiding.

In hiding

The family moved to a secret location in the building where Otto used to work. Otto's colleagues were kind and risked their own lives, bringing them food and necessities. Their secret rooms were cramped and they had to keep very quiet. It was an anxious experience for young Anne.


Just before she and her family went into hiding, Anne was given a diary for her birthday. Once in her secret hiding place, she began writing her diary. She named the diary Het Achterhuis (The Secret Annexe). Writing helped pass the time, as she was never able to leave her hiding place.


In August 1944, the secret hiding place was discovered. No one knows how it happened, but Anne and her family were sent on a cruel journey to Auschwitz concentration camp. Soon, Anne and Margot were sent on to the Bergen- Belsen, labour camp - it was a terrible place, without enough food or clean water. Because of the conditions there, disease and illness were very common.


Margot died, followed shortly by Anne during February 1945. Both believed to have died due to the typhus disease. After the war, Otto was released and discovered that he was the only survivor. Both his daughters and his wife had died because of the terrible cruelty inflicted by the Nazis.


Otto was determined that all countries of the world should read Anne's Diary. Today it has been translated to around 70 languages, including English and Welsh. It's an important diary, as it reminds us of the terrible result of prejudice, racism and cruelty.


500: Saint David (Issue 1)
1136: Welsh Castles (Issue 3)
1859: Royal Charter Disaster (Issue 8)
1867-1934: Marie Curie (Issue 7)
1912: Reaching the South Pole (Issue 6)
1914: Christmas Truce in the trenches (Issue 5)
1948: Establishing the Health Service (Issue 4)
1960au: The Sixties' Revolution (Issue 2)



School summer holiday is almost here, so we'll have plenty of time to go on an adventure. Clic-it Cymru is keen on getting out and about, Wales has so many exciting walks to offer. However an adult must accompany you on these walks and you must also prepare carefully. Before going on long walks you must:

  • wear suitable walking shoes and clothes
  • take food and water with you
  • take sun protection, lotion and a hat
  • always keep your dog on a lead
  • keep to paths and follow the countryside code

Click here to find about the countryside code:

Gelert, Wales's Best Known dog: Beddgelert, Eryri

You can visit the grave of Gelert, Llywelyn the Welsh Prince's dog and take a stroll along the beautiful Glaslyn river.
For a map, visit - wyn-and-beddgelert/trails/llwybr-at-fedd-gel ert-y-ci-beddgelert

Wildlife Adventure, Dinefwr Wildlife Park, Carmarthenshire.

Dinefwr Park is a beautiful setting for wildlife spotting, but you may also come across some deer or the famous white cattle of Dinefwr, and the deer. Don't forget to visit the castle for more historical adventures. For a map, visit -

Welsh legends

If you would like to learn more about Wales - the land of Legends, or perhaps find which legends are connected with your area, then have a look at this interactive map

Huge congratulations to the Flintshire athlete, 26 year old Jade Jones, on winning a World Taekwondo Championship. Jade Jones has two Olympic Gold Medals, the first one from the 2012 London Olympic Games, she also won a gold in the Rio de Janeiro games in 2016. Jones was determined to add a World Championship to her list of honours.
'It's amazing!' she said, following her achievement. Jones beat the Korean athlete Lee Ah-reum at Manchester in May. Jones has other goals set; she is determined to win another Olympic Gold Medal, as no other Taekwondo athlete has won three gold medals in a row. Good luck Jade Jones!


Its roots go back as far as 2,000 years and it originates in Korea.
A martial arts sport, the athlete spins and uses head height kicks to attack its opponent. A Taekwondo athlete has to be nimble and fast.
Meaning of the word?
Tae = attack with foot
kwon = attack with fist
do = the way/art

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