Data and On-line Systems

CYNNAL has been analysing school performance data since 1997, and boasts a highly experienced data analysis department. Over the years we have developed and maintain a number of different sites to assist schools.

Support Site

Provision of comparative data and analysis for the school based on the generic school data bank (e.g. providing preInspection data, details of pupils deemed at risk etc)

  • Collection of KS2, KS3 , KS4 and KS5 data on individual pupil level via DEWi (or from the school for KS4 and KS5)
  • Analysis based on attainment in the core subjects – in relation to CYNNAL, authority and school, ac according to groups such as FSM, linguistic and pupils deemed at risk
  • Analysis based on attainment in the optional subjects at KS3 and all subjects at KS4 and KS5
  • Reporting on school quartiles
  • Reporting on KS2-KS3 analyses on the website by the end of the summer term
  • Reporting on KS4 results by the first week in September
  • Responding to requests for analyses based on specific groups across the Key Stages, varying both in specification and timing, e.g.
    • Pupils in Local Authority Care
    • Free School Meals
    • Travellers
    • Additional Learning Needs

Self Evaluation Framework

Another service we provide is access to an on-line Self Evaluation Framework which facilitates the process of completing your Self Evaluation for Estyn. Users can access the system from anywhere, and can upload documents as evidence. Click here for more information.

On-line Questionnaires

We offer an on-line questionnaire service to schools whereby schools can choose from a number of pre-made questionnaires or request a bespoke questionnaire. The results and analysis will be sent out as an Excel spreadsheet. Click here for more information.

ICT Self Review

A tool for schools to review standards, provision and the quality of leadership in ICT and to formulate action plans for improvement.


For more information click here.

Early Identification System

An “Early Identification System” was developed in partnership with Gwynedd and Anglesey county councils. It’s an on-line system in which users upload a report of KS4 pupils generated in SIMS (which was produced by CYNNAL’s SIMS department), and the system generates an Excel spreadsheet which categorises the pupils according to the likelihood of them being NEET. The indicators and the weightings used to categorise the pupils were determined in conjunction with the education authorities.

Consortium 16+ On-line Transport System

As part of CYNNAL’s successful bid to co-ordinate the travelling arrangements to collaborative courses in Anglesey and Arfon for 2014-2015, an on-line system was developed to facilitate the administration process. The system enables schools to log in and register/un-register students onto collaborative courses. Schools can also record student absence and notify of any lesson cancellations. An e-mail is sent to all parties when there is any change to a registration status of a student, or when one is recorded absent, so that the schools know, and the transportation can be cancelled if need be. CYNNAL, the Post-16 Consortium and schools can also log in to view reports on different aspects.