We provide support to schools across the region in their use of VLEs. Our staff have a wealth of experience in administering, prociding technical support, developing for, and teaching through the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).

The main VLEs we support are moodle and HWB+ – both of which are being used extensively in schools across the region.


We have been supporting Moodle in schools across the region since 2009, and provide a number of services:

Moodle installation / Technical support

As part of our technical service offered to schools, our technicians install Moodle on-site for Secondary schools. They are an experienced team, and provide technical support to ensure that the site is running.

Administration support / Advisory service

As part of our technical service offered to schools, we also provide administration support and an advisory service for schools. We can advise schools on how to make the best use of Moodle – including:

  • User / course management
  • Student assessment and tracking
  • Global settings
  • Theme customisation
  • Installing third party plugins

User training

Over the last few years, we have provided a number of successful training courses for Moodle Administrators and courses for Teachers of varying levels of experience across the region.


We also create educational resources in the form of complete Moodle courses. These courses were authored by highly experienced teachers working closely with our Design department. These courses can be downloaded and installed locally on your own Moodle site and can then be tailored to fit your individual needs.

They can be downloaded from our very own Moodle site: http://moodle.cynnal.co.uk. For more information, click here.


Hwb+ was rolled out to every school in Wales in 2013, giving each individual pupil and teacher on-line access to their VLE, Office 365 and One Drive.



Since 2012, we have been administering the e-portfolio system for WJEC (http://wjec.cynnal.co.uk). It’s an innovative officially recognised system by WJEC for online assessment, tracking and moderation of pupil evidence for the Welsh Baccalaureate, Essential Skills, or Project qualifications.

We have forged a close working relationship with WJEC, and together we administer the site and provide technical support on it’s use.